Flood & Sewage Service

Contaminated water poses health risks. Fast Help takes care of the cleanup safely and effectively.

Flood Damage Cleanup & Sewage Backup Cleanup

Water from floods and sewage, or Category 3 water, is grossly contaminated and can contain harmful microorganisms and contaminants. Category 3 can be any water that comes past the trap in your drainage system, flood water from streams or rivers, driving rains from storms, or surface water from rain. Water that looks clear may have animal feces, pesticides, decaying matter, and other harmful contaminants that would make one sick.

If you have flood damage cleanup or sewage backup cleanup, contact the professionals at Fast Help who know how to take care of the cleanup safely and effectively. We also make sure that your home and property is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

The Cleanup Process

Sewage contains harmful microbes such as bacteria and viruses and other contaminants that present health hazards. It’s one of the most dangerous substances that can enter homes or buildings.

Flood water can also cause serious health problems because it may be mixed with sewage, microorganisms, or chemicals as well as other dangerous substances.

Our expert technicians take care of:

  • Water containment and chambering
  • Water extraction and pump out
  • Decontamination
  • Drying

Sewage & Flood Damage Restoration

After the cleanup, Fast Help helps you restore your home and property to livable, workable pre-damage conditions.

If materials like drywall and floor coverings have absorbed water, they may need to be replaced and rebuilt because microbes from the water and resulting mold can’t be removed. Likewise, clothes, linens, and hard surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.


60-Minute Response Time from Expert Technicians

Fast Help technicians are IICRC certified. This means that they have the knowledge and expertise to handle flood damage cleanup and sewage backup cleanup.

Our technicians are specially trained and highly skilled in containment and cleanup methods. They wear protective gear like gloves and hazmat suits, depending on the degree of contamination and how dangerous the damage is.

We have the equipment to filter contaminants from the air and will set up any air flow controls needed to contain anything that might be toxic to people living and working on the property.

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If you have a flood or sewage backup problem, rely on Fast Help’s sewage backup cleanup, flood damage cleanup, and flood damage restoration and services. Our fast response time puts us at your door within 60 minutes.


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