Mold Removal

After water damage, mold begins to grow within 24 to 48 hours. The Fast Help experts provide the mold cleaning service & mold damage repair that you're looking for.

Mold Creates a Toxic Environment

Mold is a fungal colony that thrives in dark, damp spaces. Mildew and many types of mold – such as Stachybotrys chartarum, also known as black mold – are found in residential and commercial properties. While basements, crawlspaces, and shower stalls are typical areas where mold may be found, any damp area can encourage its growth.

Mold can grow as quickly as 24 to 48 hours after water damage. Mold is resilient, has a musty odor, and can grow on different surfaces from wood and insulation to floor coverings. It can even grow undetected behind walls. Mold growth in homes and work spaces is unhealthy and can cause respiratory problems and other health issues in people who are exposed.

That’s why taking care of water damage when it occurs and fixing the source of the water leaks are critical to the prevention of mold and mold growth.

But what do you do it if you already have or suspect that you have mold?

Mold Cleaning Service and Mold Damage Repair

Fast Help understands the importance of taking care of mold as soon as it’s recognized. Trained in the latest technologies for testing and handling mold contamination, our expert technicians determine what kind of mold is present and at what concentration by sending a mold sample for laboratory testing.

After receiving the laboratory report and depending upon the type of mold, our technicians know how to remove it safely and effectively.


Our Mold Cleaning Service & Mold Damage Repair Service

We can handle any mold problem! Our services include:

  • Mold inspection and testing
  • Mold containment
  • Air filtration
  • Drying affected structures and spaces
  • Remediation and cleanup

After we remove the mold, we help you make any necessary repairs.

After Mold Removal

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve built our business on 100% customer satisfaction. Our professional team promises excellent service and the high-quality results you expect. This means we go the extra mile to take care of you. Furthermore, we help you through every step of the recovery process and take time to answer questions, so you can make informed decisions. We can work directly with your insurance company and take pride in a job well done.

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If you have a mold problem, rely on Fast Help’s mold cleaning service and mold damage repair services. Our fast response time puts us at your door within 60 minutes.


I Enthusiastically Recommend!

Fast Help did a terrific job with our basement cleanup. They demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, and courtesy. They answered all our questions in detail and explained every step of the process. I enthusiastically recommend Fast Help to everyone I know. It was a pleasure to work with them, even though the services were not the most pleasant (sewage cleanup in the basement). Thanks for a job well done!

Kenneth L.